Terms of Service

Welcome to kudosjob.com! These Terms of Service outline the terms and conditions that govern your use of the website, as well as any related services provided by FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (referred to as “kudosjob.com”). By accessing kudosjob.com, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy, which you have read and understood. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you are not authorized to use or access the website or any of its associated services.

We reserve the right to review and modify these Terms of Service at our sole discretion, and we will update this page accordingly. Any changes to the Terms of Service will take effect immediately upon publication.

These Terms of Service are effective as of January 1, 2023.

Limitations of Use

By using kudosjob.com, you represent and warrant on behalf of yourself, your users, and other parties you represent that you will not:

  • Modify, copy, prepare derivative works of, decompile, or reverse engineer any materials and software contained on kudosjob.com
  • Remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from any materials and software on kudosjob.com
  • Transfer the materials to another person or “mirror” the materials on any other server
  • Knowingly or negligently use kudosjob.com or any of its associated services in a way that abuses or disrupts our networks or any other service provided by kudosjob.com
  • Use kudosjob.com or its associated services to transmit or publish any harassing, indecent, obscene, fraudulent, or unlawful material
  • Use kudosjob.com or its associated services in violation of any applicable laws or regulations
  • Use kudosjob.com in conjunction with sending unauthorized advertising or spam
  • Harvest, collect, or gather user data without the user’s consent
  • Use kudosjob.com or its associated services in a way that may infringe the privacy, intellectual property rights, or other rights of third parties
  • Provide false information
  • Promote pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, jobs that require payment to start, or any topics that we consider detrimental to our users
  • Send unsolicited commercial messages or any other unlawful communications
  • Imitate or impersonate another person, or create false accounts
  • Send messages to users who have asked not to be contacted
  • Sell personal data.

Access and Liability

Your use of this website may be subject to occasional interruptions or disruptions due to factors within or beyond FORTEX Consulting Company Limited’s (kudosjob.com) control, including maintenance, updates, equipment malfunctions, or other causes. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the availability of this website or any service, and to remove any content, at our sole discretion and without prior notice. We may also impose limits on certain features or restrict access to parts or all of the website and services without liability or notice.

Please note that this website is not intended to be used as a storage platform for your content. You are advised to keep your own copies of all content that you upload to the website.

Our website and materials are provided on an “as is” basis and FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) makes no warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights. We shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss, real or anticipated loss of profit, revenue, business, goodwill, data, or any other type of loss arising from the use or inability to use our website or materials, whether under statute, contract, equity, tort (including negligence), indemnity, or otherwise, even if we have been notified of the possibility of such damages.

Intellectual Property

All materials contained on this website are protected by copyright and trademark laws and are either owned by or licensed to FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com). We grant our users permission to download one copy of the materials for personal, non-commercial use only. This license does not transfer ownership and will terminate automatically if you violate any of these restrictions or the Terms of Service.

User-Generated Content

You retain ownership of your intellectual property rights in any content you submit to us for publication on our website. We will not claim ownership of your content, but we do require a license from you to use it.

When you upload content to our website or its associated services, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, distribute, modify, publicly display, create derivative works of, translate, or otherwise exploit the content in accordance with your privacy preferences and our Privacy Policy.

You may terminate this license by deleting your content or account. However, if we or our partners have used your content in connection with commercial or sponsored content, the license will continue until the relevant commercial or post has been discontinued.

You also give us permission to use your username and any other identifying information associated with your account in accordance with your privacy preferences and our Privacy Policy.

Fees and Renewals

FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) may change any fees or charges for using its services at any time, or begin charging fees for previously free services. If you choose to automatically renew a paid service, you authorize us to collect the applicable fees using any payment method we have on record for you, without further notice.


Refunds are available at the discretion of FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) since your purchase is a digital product, it is deemed “used” after download or opening and will exclude transaction fees (transactions fees are fees associated with processing electronic payments). Refunds may be provided as credits for FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) services. FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) will have twenty (20) days to process any authorized refund request.

Accuracy of Materials

The materials provided on our website are intended for general informational purposes only and may have been generated using artificial intelligence (AI) tools. FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) does not make any warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, reliability, or likely results of using the materials on this website, or any resources linked to this website.


FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) does not endorse, approve, or control the contents of any linked site and is not responsible for the content on those sites. Your use of any linked site is at your own risk, and it is recommended that you conduct your own investigations to determine their suitability.

Aggregated Job Listings and Removal Requests

FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) may aggregate Job Listings from various publicly available sources. FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) has not reviewed the terms of each individual site from which the Job Listings are aggregated for any breaches of policy related to the extraction of the information. If you are a site owner or operator and believe that your Job Listing has been included in our search results in error, or that your terms of service have been violated, please contact us immediately. We will investigate any such claims and, if necessary, remove the Job Listing from our search results.

Right to Terminate

FORTEX Consulting Company Limited (kudosjob.com) reserves the right to suspend or terminate your right to use our website and these Terms of Service immediately upon written notice for any breach of these terms.


If any term of these Terms of Service is wholly or partially void or unenforceable, it will be severed to the extent of its invalidity or unenforceability, and the remaining provisions of these Terms of Service will remain valid and enforceable.

Governing Law

These Terms of Service are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that state or location.

Terms of Service for Job Seekers or Candidate

This section of Kudosjob.com’s Terms of Service applies to individuals or organizations accessing the Site as Job Seekers or Candidates. By using Kudosjob.com’s Site and its content, Job Seekers or Candidates agree to use it solely for non-commercial purposes.

Job Listings

Kudosjob.com may provide Job Listings and may aggregate Job Listings from various sources, which advertise employment opportunities and other job-related content, including links to third-party websites, through the Site. Searching for Job Listings on Kudosjob.com is free for Job Seekers or Candidates. While Kudosjob.com may receive compensation from employers who post Job Listings, all Job Listings are considered advertising.

Job Listings are created by third parties over whom Kudosjob.com has no control. Therefore, Job Seekers or Candidates acknowledge and understand that Kudosjob.com has no control over the content of Job Listings, links to or from Job Listings, or any conditions third parties may impose once a Job Seeker has submitted an application or left the Site. Some third parties may try to charge Job Seekers or Candidates a fee to apply to a particular job, although Kudosjob.com endeavors not to make such Job Listings available on the Site. If Job Seekers or Candidates leave the Kudosjob.com Site and choose to enter a third-party website, they accept any terms and conditions imposed by that third-party.

Kudosjob.com may exclude or remove any Job Listings from the Site or search results without any obligation to provide reasoning for such exclusion or removal. Kudosjob.com is not obligated to present Job Seekers or Candidates with any or all Job Listings and cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any Job Listings or other information provided by any Employer or other user. Kudosjob.com assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of any Job Listings or other information provided by any Employer or other user, and disclaims all liability related to such Job Listings or other information. Kudosjob.com also has no obligation to screen or include any Job Listings in its search results or other listings.

Resume and Profile

When using the services of Kudosjob.com to create or upload your resume, you are authorizing us to share your resume with individuals who access our website for a fee, including employers who we believe may be interested in your resume or anyone who has access to the URL associated with your resume. You have the option to set your Kudosjob.com profile to private if you do not wish for your resume to be made available to third parties, or if you do not want employers to contact you. However, if you apply to jobs or share your resume with employers, your resume may still be copied and published even if it is set to private. Changing your profile privacy settings will not affect any previous applications or prevent employers from contacting you.

By creating or uploading your resume, you are also authorizing Kudosjob.com, or one of our vendors, to review and scan your resume to provide feedback, including suggested changes, and to provide additional resume review services. We provide this feedback directly to you, and it is not made available to employers. You agree that any actions you take based on the feedback provided are at your own discretion, and Kudosjob.com assumes no responsibility or liability for these actions.

Kudosjob.com may also share job listings with you that match the contents of your resume and highlight items in your resume that match the qualifications of the job listing. However, these highlights do not guarantee that you are qualified for the job or that you should apply for it. Applying for job listings does not guarantee job interviews or hiring, and Kudosjob.com assumes no responsibility or liability for the content, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of job listings or highlights.

If you have a Kudosjob.com account, a Kudosjob.com resume, or an uploaded file resume, you agree that we may associate your resume data with your profile on Kudosjob.com. Your Kudosjob.com profile may be available to third parties, such as employers, unless you set your resume to private and remove your resume documentation. To mitigate fraud, Kudosjob.com may mask or hide your contact information from your Kudosjob.com profile, resume, or application, and may substitute it with an alias. However, Kudosjob.com makes no promise about whether all or part of your contact information will be masked or hidden, and the decision to do so is in our sole discretion. We may also limit your ability to set your resume to show at any time to prevent illegal conduct, fraud, or for any other reason in our discretion. Kudosjob.com makes no guarantee that your resume will be shown to any particular employer or that any portion of our resume database will be available to an employer at any particular time.

Applying through Kudosjob.com

Kudosjob.com has the right to set limits on your ability to apply for Job Listings or use other Kudosjob.com services to maintain the quality of the Site and Services. Before submitting an application, you are responsible for reviewing and confirming the Employer you are applying to. Once you provide information to an Employer through Kudosjob.com, Kudosjob.com has no control over the Employer’s use or disclosure of that information. If you want to request the Employer to modify, delete, or maintain confidence over any such information, you must make such a request directly to the Employer. If you require alternative methods of applying, you must contact the Employer directly, as Kudosjob.com is not responsible for the Employer application process.

When you request Kudosjob.com to submit your application or other information through Kudosjob.com Apply, you authorize Kudosjob.com to make such information available to the applicable Employer(s) for the indicated Job Listing(s). You agree to Kudosjob.com’s automated processing of your application, as such processing is an essential part of this Agreement. You understand that Kudosjob.com may reformat such application or message when you ask Kudosjob.com to transmit an application or message to an Employer via Kudosjob.com Apply or Kudosjob.com’s relay system or store such application. You also consent to your application and any responses from the Employer being processed and analyzed by Kudosjob.com according to this Agreement and Kudosjob.com’s Privacy Policy.

Kudosjob.com may assemble your application materials, resume, answers to screener questions, assessment responses, and other information you provide into one document when Employers request it. Kudosjob.com will attempt to send your application to the contact information provided to us by an Employer or their Agent when you apply to a job using Kudosjob.com Apply, which may include sending your application to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or other service provider selected by the Employer. By applying for a job through Kudosjob.com, you agree to Employer’s use of such service providers, and we cannot guarantee that such messages and applications will be delivered, received, accessed, read, or acted upon.

Kudosjob.com has no responsibility for expired Job Listings or for delivering applications prior to a Job Listing’s expiration. Kudosjob.com and its third-party providers may store your application and related information regardless of whether a Job Listing has been closed or is no longer available on the Site. Kudosjob.com is not responsible for technical malfunctions, including the failure in the delivery of applications, on any third-party sites, including ATSs.


You acknowledge that Kudosjob.com is not responsible for the content of the Employer’s job application, messages, screener questions, skills assessments, or their format or method of delivery. Kudosjob.com does not guarantee the validity of a job offer and advises you to verify the validity of a job offer before taking any adverse action regarding your current employment situation. You are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of any Employer or job offer.

If you are uncomfortable with Kudosjob.com storing your application or messages on Kudosjob.com’s or third-party providers’ servers or sending applications and messages in this manner, do not use Kudosjob.com.

Career Services

Kudosjob.com provides Career Services, which may include resume review, coaching, live video consulting sessions, writing services, general career guidance, or other consultation services. By using these services, you agree to have them provided by Kudosjob.com or a Kudosjob.com vendor. You are only permitted to use Career Services for advice regarding your own employment situation and not another person’s. Kudosjob.com may also provide career or hiring guides via blog posts, email, or other channels, but it is your responsibility to review and edit any information provided before using it for employment applications or candidate searches. Kudosjob.com disclaims all liability for actions taken or not taken based on the contents of these guides.

When using Career Services, you must provide complete and accurate information. Any information you upload through forms, such as resumes, will be treated as User Content and governed by the User Content sections in the agreement. Kudosjob.com vendors may provide professional career counseling and may offer suggestions or information on best practices. Kudosjob.com is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided to you.

By using Career Services, you acknowledge that Kudosjob.com does not guarantee job interviews, job placement, assurance of being hired, or a higher salary or increased benefits. You are responsible for the use of these services or information. Kudosjob.com owns all rights in Career Services and other career and hiring-related material provided to you and grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-sublicensable license to use these materials for personal and non-commercial use only.

Kudosjob.com may offer the opportunity for you to engage with third parties, such as career coaches or professional writers, as part of Career Services. However, you acknowledge that these third parties are not employees of Kudosjob.com, and Kudosjob.com is not responsible for the content of any discussions or any actions taken or not taken based on these discussions. Kudosjob.com does not guarantee the quality or effectiveness of any advice, recommendations, or guidance you may receive from them.

If you use a paid Career Services offering, you will be charged as indicated on the site. Refunds, if any, are at the discretion of Kudosjob.com and only in the form deemed appropriate by Kudosjob.com. Kudosjob.com may share your credit card, bank account, and related billing and payment information with companies working on their behalf, such as payment processors.

Your Job Seeker Data

As a user of Kudosjob.com, you engage in various activities and provide information, such as searching for jobs, applying to job listings, and sharing information about your desired salary and past experience. Kudosjob.com collects, records, processes, analyzes, and stores this information, including any interactions and communications you have on the site. By using the site, you acknowledge and agree to this data collection.

If you have a Kudosjob.com account or a Job Seeker Resume, you agree that Kudosjob.com may use this observed factual data to suggest jobs to you and to suggest you or your resume to employers that may be interested in someone who matches your behavior on the site. Kudosjob.com may also contact you on behalf of employers or Kudosjob.com itself based on this observed behavior or provided info.

If you choose to make your resume public, Kudosjob.com may share all of your information with third-party employers for a fee. However, if you wish to keep your information private, you can set your profile to hide.

You may also choose to provide demographic information such as your education, gender, age, occupation, and nationality status. By providing this information, you agree that Kudosjob.com may use it to evaluate and improve their products, as well as share aggregate summaries of job seeker information with employers. If you do not want your demographic information to be used in this way, you can choose not to provide it to Kudosjob.com or remove it from your profile.

Terms of Service for Employers or Recruiters

“You” or “your” refers to the individual or organization accessing the Kudosjob.com Site in the capacity of an Employer or Recruiter.

Employer or Recruiter Responsibilities and Account Usage

When accessing or using the Site as an employee or other representative of an Employer, or when creating a Kudosjob.com account on behalf of an Employer, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind the Employer to this Agreement. Any account created on behalf of an Employer belongs to the Employer, and any information provided to Kudosjob.com through the account will be visible to the Employer.

Employer accounts are for business use only and not for personal use. Kudosjob.com is not liable for any improper or false use of an email by a third party. By registering for an account, you agree to receive mandatory email updates regarding account activity to your Kudosjob.com account. Attempting to send an email from a name or email address that is not true, accurate, current or complete is a violation of the terms of use. Linked Accounts are created when the primary account owner(s) invites other users to the same account.

You agree to indemnify and hold Kudosjob.com harmless from any allegations, claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees and costs) that result from the sharing of this data, access to your account, and any purchases made under your account.

Kudosjob.com may send notices to Job Seekers informing them that an Employer account has been compromised, including if such account is associated with you. Kudosjob.com makes no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or reliability of such notices. Kudosjob.com may offer suggestions, recommendations, or information to users that may support or improve their experience on Kudosjob.com Sites. Any use of such information is at your sole discretion and Kudosjob.com assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for any actions you take based on any information provided.


As an Employer, you are responsible for your use of the Site and any tools offered therein, including your decisions regarding your job description, the requirements for your job, compliance with applicable laws related to job postings, and whom you interview or hire.  Kudosjob.com may limit your ability to post a job, or the visibility of your job, if it does not appear to indicate a salary above minimum wage or does not comply with other applicable law. Kudosjob.com is not responsible for compliance with minimum wage and other legal requirements, and you are solely responsible for compliance. Company Pages, Job Listings, and Messages: You agree that any Company Pages, Job Listings, or messages you create, update, or manage through Kudosjob.com are solely your responsibility and that Kudosjob.com is not liable for any such content. You further agree that you are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws regarding all content on the site, including wage transparency laws, minimum wage requirements, or any other law. If you close or change any Job Listings you post, you agree to promptly update them on Kudosjob.com.

You acknowledge and agree that Kudosjob.com may reject or remove any Job Listing or questions for Job Seekers for any or no reason, including those that directly or indirectly discriminate against Job Seekers. You understand that direct discrimination refers to Job Listings or questions that explicitly exclude certain classes of Job Seekers, while indirect discrimination refers to Job Listings or questions that implicitly exclude certain classes of Job Seekers. You agree that it is your responsibility to refrain from posting any content that directly or indirectly discriminates against Job Seekers or otherwise violates applicable law. Kudosjob.com does not guarantee the delivery of Job Seeker emails or application materials, nor does it guarantee the absence of mistakes in data transmission or storage. You are solely responsible for monitoring your Employer dashboard and should not rely on notifications from Kudosjob.com.

Use of Kudosjob.com’s Functions and Tools: By using Kudosjob.com’s Job Listings, screener questions, and candidate management tools, you acknowledge and agree to Kudosjob.com’s use of corresponding functions in its emails and the transmission of reminder emails to Job Seekers for interviews. You may instruct Kudosjob.com to send rejection notices to candidates, but you acknowledge that Kudosjob.com has no discretion in the transmission or storage of these notifications. You may also use candidate management tools to schedule interviews on your behalf, but you are responsible for ensuring that your selection criteria are job-related. Kudosjob.com may request that Job Seekers confirm their interest in the position before scheduling an interview, but it is ultimately the Employer’s responsibility to confirm, reschedule, or cancel interviews as necessary. The Employer is solely responsible for any decisions related to the use of candidate management tools and acknowledges that Kudosjob.com does not act as an employment agency.


Kudosjob.com may take measures to identify and reduce spam applications, including the imposition of a cover letter requirement for Job Seeker applicants. Kudosjob.com does not verify the identity of any Job Seeker who applies to your job listing, nor does it have knowledge of a Job Seeker’s motivation for applying. Therefore, Kudosjob.com provides no guarantee as to the qualifications or interest of the Job Seeker. Kudosjob.com assumes no responsibility for the communications between you and the Job Seeker. Such communications are the sole responsibility of the Employer and the Job Seeker. You shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Kudosjob.com, its agents, affiliates, and licensors from any third-party claim or liability arising from any Company Page created or claimed by you, any Job Listing or screener questions posted by you, or any message sent by you. Kudosjob.com may make Job Ad analytics data available on a Company Page or elsewhere on the Site and may provide analytics data regarding your Employer account to anyone at your company at Kudosjob.com’s discretion. Kudosjob.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate your use of any Kudosjob.com product for unpaid or outstanding invoices or account balances. Late payment penalties and reasonable expenses and attorney fees incurred in collecting such late payments may also apply.

Data Use, Tools, and Job Matches

Kudosjob.com may use any data of materials viewed, sent, taken action on, made decisions regarding, stored, or received through or using the Site for data analysis, quality control, or to refine the Site or any other Kudosjob.com product or service. Kudosjob.com may inform the Job Seeker of your actions or activity related to such materials through or using the Site. Job matches are recommendations which may be presented to both you as an Employer and to Job Seekers in various formats on the Site. Kudosjob.com may provide users with information and content for informational purposes only, including estimated salaries, number of job applies, and responses to screener questions for a job listing. All figures provided are subject to change and varying levels of accuracy.

Kudosjob.com may offer job post templates for informational purposes only. By using any content provided, users adopt it as their own and are responsible for ensuring it is true, appropriate, and compliant with applicable laws. All content provided is subject to change and varying levels of accuracy.

Users may receive messages, emails, or notifications regarding their or a Job Seeker’s activity on the Site. Such messages are provided as a courtesy only, and users should not rely on them. Kudosjob.com disclaims all warranties with regards to transmission or storage of courtesy notices and does not guarantee their delivery or receipt.

When posting a Job Ad on Kudosjob.com, a Company Page or Profile Page may automatically generate. You understand that Kudosjob.com may display publicly available information about your company on the Company Page. Users are solely responsible for any content they edit or put on a Company Page, including photographs or videos provided and third-party websites reachable from content on the page.

Kudosjob.com may make HR Management Tools available to employers. Users acknowledge that Kudosjob.com accepts no responsibility for the use of these tools and does not provide legal advice. Users retain responsibility for compliance with the law.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you may contact us using the following details:



These Terms of Service are effective as of January 1, 2023.